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Dr. Benjamin Tehrani

Special Advisor for Medical Education

Dr. Benjamin Tehrani is our Special Advisor for Medical Education at Albert Edison Inc. – Working to bridge the gap with today’s youth, in regards to the internet, social media, and online reviews. Dr. Benjamin Tehrani is a top Podiatric Surgeon and Founder of King’s Point Foot and Ankle Specialists.

He is a distinguished healthcare provider who holds an Internship in General Surgery, an accolade held only by a handful of Podiatric Surgeons in the United States.

Aside from Podiatry, he has played the piano since the age of 7. He enjoys music production and one day aspires to have his own boutique music studio. He enjoys traveling to new countries and spending time with his friends and family in Los Angeles.


His philosophy of patient care involves high quality patient education. When a patient has a proper understanding of their condition and treatment options, they will be able to make quality healthcare decisions after consulting with Dr. Tehrani.