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Business Consulting

If you’re looking to generate better success from your web leads and achieve online success, don’t just build and execute a marketing plan – execute it wisely, execute it effectively, so that it actually works.

At Albert Edison Inc., we work closely with our clients, getting to their business and recognize all of its strengths and weaknesses. With careful analysis of existing issues, and a development of a thorough, educated plan for improvement, we will help your company not only improve its performance, but reach all of its potential.

Just as our web design and development, our business consulting services are based on days, months, years of experience in the online world. We know what works, we know what doesn’t. Our marketing strategies are tailored specifically to your business, to where you are, and where you want to be, so that you can clearly see the significant positive impact on your businesses financially.

Our consulting services begin when we start building your website, and continue through top-notch website maintenance, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, online reputation management, e-mail marketing, link-building, social media management, video marketing, affiliate marketing, or anything else that we feel that would serve best to reach your maximum potential online.

Company Branding

Company branding is the first impression your business has. You only get one chance to make a first impression.  It’s the initial interaction between you and everyone else, a visual summary of everything that your business represents, the message you want to send out, the clients you want to reach, the impeccable quality your product / service, your corporate philosophy, personality, and its complete identity.  And we know a thing or two about summarizing all of these aspects visually, then creating a design that instantly and thoroughly projects the that story.

Our talented team of designers will play more than Twenty Questions with you, so we’ll get to know your business inside and out, and develop a visual identity reflects the best and most unique of who you are, what you do, and where you want to be.

Whether you’re looking to build branding for a new company, or refresh an existing one, we are here to help you create something that will truly make an impression across all channels.

Check our Company Branding Portfolio

Web Design and Development

We are not saying we’ve invented the formula for web design.  We’re saying we’ve spent days, months and years researching, working and perfecting our design and development process so we may build websites that are so much more than just online brochures of company brands. We build websites we’re proud of.  We build websites that work.  We build websites that have a measurably positive impact on our client’s businesses, both financially and socially.

We believe the web design process is a collaborative effort between our team and yours. The better you explain your story and your business to us, the better we can translate that story into a design that communicates, interacts and inspires.

Whether you’re a small business, or a corporation, we will make your online presence matter and we will make your company grow.

Check out our Web Design & Development Portfolio

Mobile Development

Did you know that 25% of web use is mobile?  In an increasingly mobile world, an adaptation of your website to mobile formats is not only a requirement, but an absolute necessity. In our web design and development process, we carefully plan and execute the option that would be the most suitable for your business and your online needs.

We build responsive websites for an optimal viewing experience across a number of devices, we create stand-alone mobile versions of your website, and we develop both iPhone and Android mobile applications.

Check out our Mobile Development Portfolio

Search Engine Optimization

The importance of search engine optimization cannot be overemphasized. There is no better match than someone who is actually looking for your product or service. So why let this person go to your competitor’s website?

Search engine optimization has become a business on its own, with many companies offering quick and easy fixes for immediate results, but many have discovered that these ‘solutions’ always backfire and leave your website blacklisted on major search engines. This has lead to a general disillusionment that ‘SEO is dead’.

Nothing can be further away from the truth. The truth is that the search engine algorithms have become amazingly smart and complex, and the old ‘quick and easy SEO’ has given way to long-term SEO approaches that are evolving into a completely new science. Yes, it takes web scientists to decipher the ever-changing developments in the algorithms, to address and implement a long-term SEO strategy to deliver your content to the right person, in the right place, and in the right time.

So leave the guys who are selling you SEO snake oil, and give the job of remedying your website rankings to professional SEO doctors like us.

Check out our SEO Client Portfolio

Lead Conversion Optimization

Now, we’re sure you already know the difference between marketing and sales. Marketing involves the branding, the advertising and all the activities needed to create awareness and bring the lead into your store. Sales is actually converting the lead into a customer, and that is usually done by smiling and convincing sales people.

Well, in the online world, the landing page is the closest thing to a sales person that you can get. You’ve done your online marketing homework, the visitor has come to your page, but the moment of truth is: will he become convinced enough to make the purchase or fill out that form?

At Albert Edison, we’re committed to produce the perfect landing page for you. The perfect landing page is not only a matter of impeccable design and copy, but also a product of hours of A/B testing, statistical data and years of experience. Let’s complete the online marketing cycle together and get that visitor click the magic button.

Check out our Lead Conversion Optimization Portfolio

Online Reputation Management

What is worse?  To have a negative review of your product or service, or no review, at all? Well, in the online age, both situations are hard and complicated for your company and require care and attention from experienced professionals.

The rise of social media and review websites has posed the companies an entire world of possibilities and risks. How do you encourage your satisfied customers to review your websites, and how do you manage negative reviews that might be even written by your competitors? Remember, these conversations are visible to everyone, and one wrong or right move could make or break your business. We’re here to ensure to always pull the right moves.

Moreover, your online reputation depends on how you inform the world about the great new activities you are doing right at this moment, the new products or services you’re launching or the awards and accolades you won recently. Let us build your online reputation step-by-step and have everybody know how great your business is.

Check out our Online Reputation Management Portfolio

Social Media Marketing

Long gone are the days where all you had to do is to open up a Facebook page or Twitter profile (and if you haven’t done that yet, call us immediately!) and post there from time to time. Building up your social media fanbase is becoming increasingly hard, and having an actual engagement from your fans even harder.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest or something else that may further your goals, we are here to offer unique posts, tweets, statuses, designs, games, offers, videos or any other type of content that is sure to inspire engagement and keep people talking about you and how awesome your brand is.

Check out our Social Media Marketing Portfolio

Pay-per-Click Marketing

If you’re not investing in Google Ads right now, you’re missing out.  Google Ads is one of the most intelligent and sophisticated marketing platforms ever built!  If you have some experience with it, we’re sure you are anxious to see it become an even better ally in your marketing conquests and to explore the zillion possibilities that it offers!

Achieving excellence with our clients’ PPC campaigns is something that we’re really proud of. The formula for web success in this area consists of choosing the right keywords and keyphrases, creating the perfect ad copy and designing  landing pages that convert. Our campaigns are tailored to reach the right customers and achieve maximum results with minimum costs. Sounds good? Try us.

Check out our PPC Portfolio

Customer Analytics

With every step customers make online, starting from simple web browsing, through the decision making process, and  up until their final purchase of a product or service, they leave a lot of data behind. All of that data is available to you, and it contains crucial information about the online habits of your customers. With our professional help, you can use that data to thoroughly understand your clients, and constantly improve your website so that it gives them exactly what they need and when they need it.

With a magical combination of data and science, we use customer analytics to give you insight into your customers’ behavior online, their preferences, browsing habits and patterns, insight that is crucial for smart decision making and successful business planning.  Blending our sharp knowledge, immense experience and professional judgment , we  create a behavior -based approach that  turns visitors into customers , and customers loyal brand advocates.

Check out our Customer Analytics Portfolio

Live Chat Services

A live chat can create a spectacular experience on your website, since it enables  quick and very intuitive personal communication between your visitors and your brand, and we know for sure that such  communication is an absolute winner. Having a live chat on your website let’s your visitors  know you are always there for them, just like a true friend who is always there to listen to what they have to say, give them  answers to their questions , and provide their undivided attention and support. People will instantly  feel more comfortable with their decision to connect with your brand.

It’s all about building trust and gaining loyalty. Enabling people to chat with you whenever they feel they need to, will make it much easier for them to have confidence in the superiority of your service, and choose it over someone else’s service. .

Our live chat services involve creating a tailor-made  live chat for you, completely customized to your goals and needs, a chat that will invite visitors to connect, and that will bring about loyal, satisfied clients.


Video Production

A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth a million.

This medium offers the possibility to not only share your amazing story in a matter of minutes, but create an impact, entertain, and turn a viewer into an involved, fascinated, and loyal customer  Using artistic motion and a powerful voice, we will smoothly connect your brand with people’s emotions, because that is how long-term relationships are made. Our team of copywriters, digital artists and video animators won’t cool their imagination down until they create that brilliant concept that will make your story viral.

All along the video production process, we will work closely and thoroughly with you. Together we will create something wonderful, something that will clearly communicate your brand’s values, and strongly send out your company’s unique, caring message.

Check out our Video Production Portfolio