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Once upon a time, all a company needed was business cards and a dream!

Then somewhere in the late 20th century, around late 1990s, if your company was ahead of the times, you added a website to your business card, and perhaps your clients could see this website; but it only repeated the same information on the business card. :)

Now, today, its the 21st century, the year is 2013... and most people are reading this very page on a phone; albeit a "smart" phone. Somewhere since the business cards and a dream, came the world wide web, the internet, the business game changer. And honestly, business cards were thrown to the bottom of the to-do list.

Artists became web designers, mathematicians became programmers, writers became bloggers. You're told your company requires SEO and SEM and PPC... you need marketers and communications specialists and business developers. And perhaps you do, and perhaps companies always did, expect that the one with the business cards and a dream was doing it all...

It's not that simple anymore...

Not many people use the huge yellow book to find what they need. They use Google, Bing and incredible World Wide Web and we at Albert Edison are here to help. We are a group artists, mathematicians & writers who understand one simple principle Quality Work Drives Success. We build relationships and helps our clients and business partners based on this single principle. We work to create products that help business and we allocate time to help the world with projects such as Every Organ Donor and Paperless Planet... We are a Business Consulting, Web Design and Marketing Company, but more important, we are a Socially Responsible Company. We build strong relationships with our clients and together help do some good too. We can't save the world, but we are going to try, and we hope you'll help.